Month: December 2011

And the beat don’t stop

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A’won boyz  are in the building! These cats have a heavy hitter  Read the rest of this entry »

Proud to be a Nigerian.

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I know i am not the only one with this fetish…. yes fetish. I want to be ushered into the new year by an angelic voice.  Well…. fret not! ‘Cause i have found that angel. Her name is Iye. She is what you can term Read the rest of this entry »

J-Town in the building!

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O.D Woods is another cat representing J-Town. He is currently an employee of Soundcity as a programme producer.

O.D. Woods drops his new single titled  “Go Below” to gather Read the rest of this entry »

Bop your head to this one.

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Play The Guitar Promo Photo

B.o.B has unleashed a monster for his fans in the form of brand new single Read the rest of this entry »

Your favourite rapper is broke!!!

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Aren’t you tired of these Artistes (especially international artistes) yapping about how they spend mad money. Well I guess its time to expose some of  ’em.  So why don’t we dive into the lives of those who are actually and completely broke.

In ascending order of brokeness:

Nas Chain Read the rest of this entry »

Party time!

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For some weird reason…. some of our esteemed viewers having been dogging me to review this track. The track in question is called ‘Scooby Doo (remix)’ Read the rest of this entry »

Not to be slept on!

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FRONT 1024x1024 Beazy   Fifty Naira, Hundred Naira ft. A1

Okay i can’t actually say this song is a new song, but best believe it came out sometime in November 2011. Funny thing is i always hear this song on the radio (i always tune in when it’s almost over). With that in mind, Read the rest of this entry »