Month: January 2012

Nostalgic Beats!

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Avid followers/viewers will recall sometime ago i reviewed a song “Gbe Si Le”  by Poe. And believe me, if you are true rap head and you don’t have that song… then you have no idea what you are missing. That said, Poe is currently working on his his EP “ICARUS” which is scheduled for release soon. But in the mean time P0e decides to  put it down  with a new single “Poe’s Love”.

I have to say the ingenuity attached Read the rest of this entry »

Decent Effort.

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Whassap peeps! Some few hours ago i published a post about the artiste Sym19. His song “Ikanka Ighota Ije” had me dancing. Anyway, not to sound like an old dish washer, Sym19 has a video for the same song. The Dude shows Read the rest of this entry »

Bez puts Naija on the map (literally)!

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The official release for Bez’s video “That Stupid Song” which features singer Praiz is about to go international. Yez sir! The video will make it’s debut Read the rest of this entry »

Loving this tune!!!

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I believe music is timeless. With that said, allow me to share this music experience with you. I was searching for a fresh new sound and i stumbled on this here track (#warning, this track is not really fresh, its been out since September last year. But i just found out about it today.) The title of the track is “Ikanka Ighota Ije” by Sym19 (another twitter sounding name). The track was produced by Kukbeat.  I’m told Read the rest of this entry »


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Have you ever been in this situation where, you listen to a particualr track over and over again, ’cause you can’t quite make up your mind if  you like it or not. Well, that’s the dilemma i have been in with the rap gospel act B.O.U.Q.U.I. Her new single “Sokutuyoyo” featuring Henri Soul and produced by Samklef has been out for some weeks now…. and i really can’t make up my mind. The beats are alright… her verses, well Read the rest of this entry »

New school in effect!

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L.O.S Promo1 L.O.S   Bad Guy P + On Fire

Every time i hear a smooth delievry on a track it always gets me on a natural high. Suffice to say the rap group L.O.S do that to me on their new singles. L.O.S  is a four man group made up of Yung, Bridge, Briss and Tomi. They are currently signed under Storm Records.  They have got two new singles “Bad Guy P” and “On Fire” to keep Read the rest of this entry »

Not worth my time.

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The latest craze from artists nowadays ranges from ‘claimed’ song leaks to dropping freestyles. My buddy sent me this particular song to ear (hear) out.  The track is titled “Jeun Soke” by an artiste called Caze. Never heard of him till today though. Anyways word is the dude actually freestyled on this track.

After listening to this track all i can do is Read the rest of this entry »