Is that Biggie? Incredible artist becomes hip hop stars – using just make-up

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Most people who wear make-up are doing it to makes themselves look better.

But one make-up artist is hooked on manipulating her tool box to transform herself into other people.

Parisian Magali is unrecognisable in this video, as camera tricks see her merging from one star into the next.

Past legends: Makeup artist Magali transformed herself into Notorious BIG, amongst others
Magali-Metis (2)
Flexible face: Magali shows a step-by-step of herself into megastar Prince
Magali-Metis (3)
Real Look: Magali when she sheds her celebrity skin and looks like herself

But the impact of her picture-perfect face is all real, with iterations of Drake, Mike Tyson, Kanye West, Jay Z, Tupac and many more stars.

Magali, who is currently based in Sint Maarten, Netherlands, offers fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her mindbending creations on her Instagram page, too.

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