Month: December 2015

#OhSnap Big Sean Taunts His Home Robbers — And They Taunt Him Back

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Big Sean had a pretty good year. Yeah, he broke up with his lil pop tart (Ariana Grande).   Read the rest of this entry »

Check Out Which Hip-Hop Artiste Gets Paid The Most For New Year Eve

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For most folks, a New Years Eve at the club includes a big cover charge, a cash bar and, if you’re lucky, a “champagne” toast. Read the rest of this entry »

#SeeGobe Wedding is halted when priest asks if anyone objects to the union… and the groom’s WIFE stands up and says they’re already married and she’s the mother of his children

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It is almost unheard of for wedding guests to object to the union.

But at one South African ceremony, a couple had a startling interruption – from the groom’s wife. Read the rest of this entry »

The 15 Best Selling Hip Hop Albums Of The Year

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After having no Hip Hop albums go platinum in 2014, two hit the mark in 2015. Read the rest of this entry »

Move over Kim K, Fetty Wap now has his own emojis

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That’s right: Fetty Wap has officially hopped on the Kim Kardashian-Deadpool bandwagon and released his own emoji collection, which features the perfect images to let your trap queen know when it’s time to “watch how far them bands go.”


“Just in time for the holidays,” the rapper wrote. “Get my official emoji pack exclusively on Moji Keyboard on iOS.


Rick Ross Fiancee – Lira Galore, Reveals What She Looks Like WITHOUT Makeup . . . She’s Got A MUSTACHE!!!

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Rick Ross fiancee Lira Galore just released pics of her face UN-BEAT. She’s a pretty girl . . . but that mustache is like . . . WOW. Read the rest of this entry »