Stripper Gone Wild: Police Try To Arrest Stripper . . . But She Takes Off ALL HER CLOTHES . . . And Tries To TWERK FREE FROM THEM!!!

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#WTFA has some very BIZARRE NEWS.

A 25 year old Florida woman named Iyana Sade Llanos was arrested last week, she was charged with disorderly conduct and getting naked in front of police officers.

Iyana was arrested after police arrived at The Office Gentleman’s Club in Miami, a witness called authorities – saying there was an argument.


NBC Miami reports that the 25-year-old woman, who is a dancer, was having an argument with one of her dancer colleagues. When police officers tried to calm down the situation, authorities say that Iyana continued shouting, and pulling off her clothes and “twerking”.

Police arrested her, and put her in the police car. But it wasn’t over yet. Authorities say that when in the car, Iyana kicked out the police car window. Police say that she was warned numerous times to put on her clothes back but she refused.


The police report says that she was smelling heavily of alcohol and all she kept saying was: ‘Take me to jail.’

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