Criminal Suspect Cries Out For His Mom As Cop Bodyslams Him On The Floor.

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This is the shocking moment a police officer body slammed a young criminal while trying to arrest him.

Footage from America shows the pair wrestling savagely against a wall as the youth resists arrest.

Footage from America shows the pair wrestling savagely against a wall as the youth resists arrest

They push against each other in what appears to me an equal fight before the officer, when caught in a headlock, picks up the slightly smaller male.

His legs fly into the air before he is slammed onto the hard concrete in an alarming show of violence.

Several onlookers cry out as the audible bang of his body falling is heard and the youth himself cries out for his mom.

The cop, who seems to show no remorse for the somewhat unnecessary brutishness, proceeds to handcuff the young man who is lying on his front moaning.

He then radios back to headquarters to alert them to the arrest.

Online commentators have had much to say about the video with many approving of what the policeman did.

One insightful person writes: ‘Just a guess but when he put the officer in a headlock, the situation shifted from resisting arrest to assault on a police officer.

‘The officer would likely have been in hot water had he body slammed the suspect initially but, after the suspect shifted into assault mode, he lost any opportunity to claim brutality against the officer.’

Another said: ‘That was a bit much dropping him on his head like that but still deserved.’

A third commented: ‘It amazes me that these people that fight with cops think there’s going to be any other outcome. Your gonna get your a** beat by one if not more officers, plus a felony assault. Why even try it.’

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