Unbelievable Moment, woman throws her two-year-old son out of seventh floor home during a heated quarrel with her husband… and the boy SURVIVED

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Pic shows:  The injured toddler.nnA two-year-old boy has miraculously survived after being dropped out the sixth-storey window of his home by his own mother.nnThe incident is said to have happened after his mum and dad got into a fierce argument, which resulted in the toddler becoming a victim of his mum¿s anger.nnShocked citizens living in the residential community in Huanggang, a city in Central China¿s Hubei Province, rushed to the boy¿s side after he landed on a patch of grass next to the building.nnParamedics were called to the scene after the boy was found to have survived, following the argument between his parents in which he was used as a threat.nnIt is unclear what exactly the couple were arguing about when the mum shockingly carried out her threat and almost killed her son in the process.nnFootage from the residential community shows a crowd of concerned citizens gathered around the paramedics who carefully lifted the child onto a stretcher while preparing to rush him away for emergency treatment.nnThe child was unable to move or even cry throughout the ordeal, with reports saying he was bleeding out his mouth and nose.nnThe boy was taken to Tongji Hospital in provincial capital Wuhan, where he is now still being treated.nnHis exact condition is unclear.nnHuanggang City police have detained the boy¿s mum and have now opened an investigation into the incident.nn(ends)n

A two-year-old boy from China has survived after being thrown out of the seventh-storey window of his home by his mother.

The boy’s parents had been arguing when the mother decided to take drastic action on June 14 in the county of Hong’an, central China’s Hubei Province, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The child was taken to hospital where he was found to have several fractures along with damage to his internal organs.

The mother and her husband had been quarreling when she took drastic action.

An ambulance was called to the scene and the crew were shocked to see that the child was just two years old and had been thrown from the seventh floor by his own mother.

He was rushed to Tongji hospital.

According to the boy’s uncle, the child has fractured his right arm and also his skull. He also has damage to his internal organs.

Chinese media are reporting that the boy’s father is 53 and works in a factory in Guangdong Province, southern China.

He and the boy’s mother apparently keep themselves to themselves.

They married three years ago and bought an apartment in an affordable housing block. However due to financial reasons, the father had to go to Guangdong to find work.

According to reports, the mother of the child is on her second marriage.

Before the incident took place, the couple reportedly fought over the phone and her husband said he wanted a divorce.

According to him, at around 7pm last night, he and his wife were talking on the phone however they didn’t quarrel. His wife wanted him to come home early.

He received a call from neighbours telling him that his son was injured. He then rushed back to see his son.

He told reporters that he did not blame his wife, he was just concerned over his son’s safety.

Hong’an Police say they are investigating the incident.

The child is still in intensive care receiving treatment.

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    Paulo Camargo said:
    December 16, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    Olá. Como vai ?. Obrigado por publicar este conteúdo.
    Ele é fantástico. Sempre acompanho seu site, mas nunca postei um comentário.
    Irei compartilhar no meu twitter.
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