Who’s Hurting Who?

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Nicki Minaj and Jeremih link up on DJ Mustard‘s new single, “Don’t Hurt Me”.

The record recaptures the clubby RnBass sounds Mustard first started exploring back around the time Tinashe‘s “2 On” came out.

Jeremih straight up delivered on this song. Nicki came correct on her verses. She even threw a direct shot at her ex (who was trying to get a cheque claiming he wrote for her) with these lines: “I told bitches when I switched my flow four times, I be damned if a bitch nigga eat off mine”

Bottom line… I can see this song getting mad airplay on the radio stations and clubs too.
Quotable Lyrics:
All these bitches beggin’ me to pass the baton
All these bitches tryna fit my crown and my wand
Bitches still my sons, get your sonogram on
Just a nick of time I did the cover of TIME
Gettin’ a million dollars just to stand there and rhyme

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