Uber Nigeria Has Adjusted Its Vehicle Requirements For UberX

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Uber Nigeria has reviewed the requirements for cars eligible for their low-cost option, UberX.  They’ve lowered them.

Now, car models as old as 2006 are accepted. These vehicles include Toyota (Corolla, Camry), Nissan (Almera, Sunny), Honda (Accord), and Kia (Picanto, Rio) models. Previously, the oldest models that were accepted were 2009 cars.

Uber has also completely dropped mileage restrictions. This means vehicles will be accepted no matter what their mileage reads (that’s the distance the cars have covered). The previous mileage restriction was 100,000km.

These modifications are all part of Uber’s plan to get more drivers on the road. In March, they introduced Uber Marketplace, a platform for Uber drivers to connect with partners and get discounts and insurance on cars.

Over the past month, Uber has launched in more African cities; Accra, Kampala and Dar es Salaam. Regardless of the problems it may be facing in a few African cities, Uber doesn’t seem discouraged from expanding in Africa.



*culled from http://www.techcabal.com*

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