New God of War details revealed!!!

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One of the most anticipated games shown off during E3 2016 was the newest entry in the God of War saga, with the next of adventure of Kratos coming exclusively to PS4.

While those who watched Sony’s conference were graced with a trailer and demo of the upcoming release, details about the title were sparse beyond what was seen at the show.

Game director Cory Barlog has since come out and discussed the game, with several new details coming to light during a interview with Level Up. One of the biggest changes to the series will be the departure of the online multiplayer game mode, introduced in the last console release of the series, God of War: Ascension. The studio wanted to focus on the campaign and Kratos as a character for this newest game, though multiplayer may return in future titles.


As to these future games, little is known save that Kratos will continue to be the protagonist. When the new game was unveiled and it was revealed that Kratos had a son in the Norse world he now found himself in, many were worried that the spotlight would pass from series lead Kratos to his heir.

Cory Barlog made it clear that this was nothing more than speculation, and that Kratos would be the main character now and going forward. Players will be able to direct and guide Kratos’ son, a character who is described as being more than capable of taking care of himself if the player doesn’t wish to babysit him, but the player will be controlling Kratos throughout its entirety.


God of War will be coming exclusively to the PS4 and marks his second outing on the console after a remaster of God of War III.

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