30 Things I’ve Learned About the Justice League Movie

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Official Justice League Logo

News about Zack Snyder’s follow up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had been few and far between in terms of photos, logos, plot descriptions, etc.  Then late last week the news leaked that several reporters were heading to London to do a Justice League set visit.  It looked like they spent a full day on set and then flew back over this past weekend.

No one knew what to expect.  Typically set visit reports are held for large amounts of time, even up to a year or more, so it seemed that we would maybe get a logo or a plot synopsis, but what dropped on Tuesday morning was an early Christmas for DC fanboys.  Not only did we get a logo and plot synopsis, but we got extremely detailed set visit reports and videos from a whole slew of media outlets.  There was a LOT of information dropped, so i’ ve read through the set reports and have selected 30 things out of hundreds that we learned about the Justice League movie.

  1. Official logo revealed for the Justice League movie (which has more of a comic book feel than MOS andBVS).
  2. Official plot synopsis revealed.
  3. A scene where Batman recruits The Flash is already in the can and a rough cut was shown to journalists.
  4. Junkie XL is doing the score without Hans Zimmer this time.
  5. Superman is not in the first half and might not even show up until the third act.
  6. Batman gets costume upgrades to his regular suit and his armoured suit.
  7. The Wonder Woman costume is over 5,000 years old.
  8. Batman has a large hangar separate from the Batcave where he works and stores other vehicles.
  9. Justice League films in London until September and then moves to L.A. until it wraps in October.
  10. Despite the rumours, Amber Heard is still playing the role of Mera, according to Deb Snyder.
Justice League Batmobile
Justice League Batmobile
  1. Justice League will be more inclusive and appeal to younger audience.
  2. The Flash and Cyborg are younger guys and have a comedic rapport during the movie.
  3. The set visit took place on day 31 of a scheduled 111 day shoot.
  4. The Flash will be comedic relief.
  5. This will be a fun movie with a lighter tone than Man Of Steel and Batman v Superman.
  6. Critical reception of BVS caught Zack Snyder off guard – “Wow.  Okay.  Woof.  I had to make an adjustment in my mind.”
  7. The villain will be Steppenwolf leading a horde of Parademons.
  8. Justice League is now a standalone movie and not a two-parter.
  9. Willem Dafoe is playing Vulko, an elder Atlantean statesman.
  10. The Flash suit is made out of NASA material designed to prevent burnup on re-entry to the atmosphere.



  1. Nine prominent scientists have been kidnapped, including Cyborg’s dad, who is the head of S.T.A.R. Labs.
  2. Superman’s costume was suspiciously missing from the set, causing speculation about a suit redesign.
  3. Batman has two new vehicles- the Nightcrawler and the Flying Fox, a Justice League HQ in the air.
  4. Zack Snyder says Superman comes back with longer hair, referencing “the myths” AKA Death and Return of Superman story arc in the comics most likely.
  5. The storyline was influenced by Jack Kirby and the New Gods comic books.
  6. Zack Snyder had originally considered using the extra scene with Steppenwolf from BVS as a post-credits scene like Marvel, but decided to release it online as a deleted scene.
  7. Set visit journalists were picked specifically because they weren’t fans of Batman v Superman, but Snyder read their reviews and felt they were fair and thoughtful.
  8. The story takes place a few months after BVS.
  9. Striker Island  is between Gotham and Metropolis and offers access to an abandoned tunnel between the two cities (which also happens to be where a nest of Parademons is located).
  10. Cyborg’s costume will be mostly CGI.

Sound off in the comments below about which tidbits most intrigued you and if all these set visits made you more or less excited to see Justice League next year.


Sources: Collider News, Uproxx, Aintitcoolnews, Slashfilm,CinemaBlend, NerdistIGN

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