Jay Z gets #Spiritual

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Out of nowhere, Jay Z decides to come through and drop off a new record called “Spiritual,” which was inspired by the events following this week’s police brutality.

Serving more like a spoken word piece, the record, which was made over a year ago, finds Hov touching on socially-conscious issues plaguing America. He opens up the song with “Punch told me I should drop it when Mike Brown died. Sadly I told him ‘this issue will always be relevant.’. Im hurt that I knew his death wouldn’t be the last.”

Quotable Lyrics:

Pray your father’s father wasn’t touching his little daughter
Creating trans-generational trauma, that shit’ll haunt ya
Pray your little cousin ain’t fall from the place that you fall asleep
Of course it’s harmful (no high)
Nigga ain’t those, I ain’t washin’ the weave
I ain’t changed clothes ’til the Black Album
Y’all rap about it, I’m wrestlin’ in these streets
‘Til I tapped out ’em, them niggas is WWE


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