Mr India beats 46 finalists from around the world to take the Mr World crown.

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After 12 days of interviews and rigorous physical challenges, Mr India has beat out 46 finalists for the title of ‘the world’s most desirable man.’ 

Indian actor and model Rohit Khandelwal, won the Mr World 2016 male beauty pageant in Southport, in the UK on Tuesday night.

His friend and photographer Sayan Sur Roy told Daily Mail Australia he’s seen Khandelwal transform from a ‘humble, simple guy’ from Hyderabad into the sharp-looking model and actor he is today.

Mr World 2016: Rohit Khandelwal has won Mr World contest and the title for the world’s most desirable man held Southport in the UK on Tuesday evening

Mr Sur Roy said the 27-year-old first arrived in Mumbai to be a model and actor two years ago

The photographer said there was after a lot of struggle and working really hard he eventually got a small role on a TV series.

According to Mr Sur Roy, Khandelwal hadn’t heard about the Mr India before until a friend told him about it he worked hard, especially on his fitness, to take the title.

Charismatic: The actor and model based in Mumbai worked very hard to win Mr India and Mr World, according to friend and photographer Sayan Sur Roy


Humble and hardworking: Mr Sur Roy said Khandelwal has worked very hard since arriving in Mumbai two years ago aspiring to be a model and actor

‘I don’t think he had any interest in participating in Mr India or Mr World before he started his modelling journey,’ he said.

‘But he worked hard to win Mr India, and he worked doubly hard for Mr World,’ he added. 

Mr Sur Roy said he is expected to return to India on Saturday and hopes his win will help raise his profile and get more roles in TV and film.

‘He’s already a big sensation in the country at the moment,’ he added. 

Big star: Sayan Sur Roy said ‘he’s already a big sensation in the country at the moment’ and hopes winning the pageant will open more doors for him 

The biennial male pageant invites candidates from all over the world to take part in five different challenges: fashion and style, extreme challenge, multi-media, sports and talent.

According the Mr World website, the winner ‘is selected by the panel of judges who weigh up the performances of each candidate before hearing from them on stage as to why they want to win Mr World, and what it would mean to them.’

Winners: Mr Khandelwal (centre) alongside the first runner up Fernando Álvarez (right) , 21, from Puerto Rico and second runner up Aldo Esparza Ramírez (left), 26, from Mexico

When he won Mr Khandelwal said:  ‘I feel so privileged and humbled to be Mr World 2016…. It has been an amazing journey to this point, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.’ 

Narrowly missing was Fernando Álvarez, 21, from Puerto Rico who came first runner up and Aldo Esparza Ramírez, 26, from Mexico second runner up.

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