Victoria’s Secret Model Claims That She HATED HER BUTT When She Was A Teen . . . Because It’s ‘TOO BIG’!!

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New Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk is shaped like the typical runway model, but the beauty claims that in her native homeland of Sweden, she’s considered to have a giant derriere.

The 27-year-old model was in New York City on Tuesday, and while she looks thin as a rail, Elsa admitted that she once felt insecure about the shape and size of her backside.

“I used to hate my butt — like hate it,” she told Daily Mail Online at the event. “In school I used to cover it up. I felt like it was too big like I felt like I needed to wear a sweater over it. It was awful.”

Elsa claims that she’s now grown to love her “too big” butt.

This is what it looks like by the way –👇👇👇👇



Honestly, she needs to have a seat without a seat belt. Girl’s azz so narrow she can fall into the toilet bowl.

As a connoisseur of bodacious bootay I find this blasphemous!

👏👏👏👏Auntie, you either have one or you don’t👏👏👏👏. It’s not rocket science.

This woman right here needs to stop trollin with her mental issues… miss 6 o’clock… iron board backside…😒😷

*drops mic*

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