Yeezy Just Topped Michael Jackson On The Billboard Singles Chart

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Schoolboy Q’s ‘That Part’ jumped two spots to number 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this week.

Such a small move probably didn’t mean a lot to Q. But it surely meant something to featured artist Kanye West.

It turns out ‘That Part’ is ‘Ye’s 40th top 40 hit, which surpasses Michael Jackson for the tenth most of all time.

Here is the top ten list, now that West has replaced the King of Pop

80 — Elvis Presley
69 — Lil Wayne
57 — Elton John
53 — Drake
46 — Stevie Wonder
45— Jay Z
44 — James Brown
42 — Chris Brown
41 — Marvin Gaye
40 — Kanye West

It should be noted that MJ and the older artists rarely made the list as a featured artists, making their totals more impressive.

But i doubt ‘Ye’s ego has considered that.

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