85-year-old woman DEADLIFTS 215lbs as excited crowd cheer her on

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If you see old age as a time to embrace living in slippers and sitting in front of the television – think again.

Incredible footage from America shows an 85-year-old woman – only known as Lois – deadlifting 215lbs off the floor.

The impressively strong woman is cheered on by all around her as the camera focuses on her amazing feat.

The octogenarian is dressed in full athletic garb and seems to hardly struggle as she bends down to pick up the 215lb barbell off the ground.

‘Come on Lois!’ the man filming cries, letting out a whoop of excited encouragement as he watches.

Slowly but surely the old woman lifts the weight off the floor and stands proud before placing it calmly back on the ground.

The crowd cheer and clap in amazement.

‘Come on now, come on now!’ the filmer shouts as Lois strides away.

And to cap it all off she finishes with a fist bump with a friend.

Age really is nothing but a number.


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