Uh Oh! There Is A Warrant Out For Tyga’s Arrest

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Tyga doesn’t like paying people. As such, he is being sued by long list of former landlords, business partners, car dealers, etc.

Despite this, he just bought his on-again-off-again teenage girlfriend Kylie Jenner a 200K Maybach for her birthday.

But it looks like Tyga’s Birdman-like ways are finally catching up to him.

T-Raww was to supposed to be in court today to face a former landlord, who had won a $480,000 judgement against him for not paying rent on his Malibu pad. But Tyga didn’t show for the hearing, and the judge has issued a bench warrant against him.

This means if he runs into any cops he will be arrested and could be jailed.

Luckily we don’t have debtors prisons in the US, or there’s little chance he’d ever be released.


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