Snoop Dogg Snitches On Tupac About The Time He Banged His Chick

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Snoop Dogg recently sat down with the troublemakers of Drink Champs and revealed some info about Tupac Shakur’s pimp game.

It started when Snoop was asked about all the pussy he must have been getting around Doggystyle.

It came the most when Tupac got on Death Row Records,” Snoop explained. “Because I got another nigga that was a playa just like me … This nigga Pac knocked one of my main bitches  … she wasn’t the main bitch, let’s say she was a movie star bitch. We won’t say her name, to protect the innocent.

Snoop goes on to say the nameless celebrity he was fornicating with wanted to meet Pac. Snoop was cool with that, because ‘Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None),’ so he introduced them.

Then Snoop tried to slide back in a few weeks later, but got rebuffed.

“The bitch hit me with I don’t think Pac would like that.”

The Drink Champs asked if the bitch in question was Madonna, and Snoop said it was not.

But then a shared a tale of smoking weed with Pac and the Material Girl and confirmed that Pac smashed.

What “movie star bitch” do you think Snoop was talking about?


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