Doctor Bae” Keisha Is Blowing Up on Instagram, Sexy Photos Sparking Comments From Haters

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First, it was Patrice Brown aka Teacher Bae, and now, a thick in all the right places female doctor is catching flack on social media for posting pictures on her Instagram that some deem as inappropriate.

The alleged doctor’s name is Keisha Black and she attended both the University of South Florida and Florida Atlantic University.

Based on a quick scroll through her Instagram page, Keisha also appears to be happily married with kids.


But it’s the sexy photos Keisha has on her page that’s drawing the most attention.

Some say the pics she’s posting are “too sexy” for a woman of her profession, while others say that she’s a grown azz woman and she’s free to do whatever she pleases with her personal Instagram page.

Take a look for yourself:





What do you think, should she tone it down on Instagram??


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