Muno With Two New Joints

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Rudeboy Records lead artiste – Muno drops two new singles: “Cool Down” & “Separate Ways”.

Without further ado… lets get straight to the reviews shall we

1) Separate Ways: Is um… an R&B track that showcases Muno’s vocal skills. Its a slow decent jam… although its not my cup of tea though. But i’m sure some mushy lovey people might enjoy it. For me, the song kinda dragged on for a bit.

One thing though… it shows that Muno has finally found his voice and no longer walking under the shadow of his mentor.

Download and Listen

Muno – “Separate Ways”


2) Cool Down: This right here is my jam! The beat is just right and Muno breaks it down proper with his vocal delivery. I ain’t gonna lie… I had to put this song on replay. The shiii burns the speakers. #Dope

For y’all Ol’ Gees you will notice, Muno sampled this song from a classic and put his own spin on it and I think he killed it.

Download and Listen

Muno – “Cool Down” 

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