Who was the star on this track?

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Fetty Wap takes the dancehall route with his new single “Like A Star” featuring Nicki Minaj.

The track gives an island vibe as Fetty croons throughout the three-minute song. Nicki Minaj opens her guest verse with a little Trinidadian patois, rapping about various favorite high-end luxury brands.

To be honest, Fetty did good on this dancehall thang. His melodic flow is a thing of beauty. I just wish he had switched Tory Lanez for Nicki. Would have meshed betterr.

Nicki’s flows were cool but she still literally talking that same old shit she been saying since her first single

Bottom line, this ain’t a banger but it’s chill.


Quotable Lyrics:

Who better than Nicky, man? I can’t effin’ tell
Every time I drop bitches like FML
You in the game, I open my own game
Only respect dem hoes that own they own plane

– Nicki Minaj

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