Woman Gives Birth To 13.5lb Baby — Double The Size Of An Average Baby

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2c136c43-7405-4196-83b3-147d7fb94173Baby Brian is one of the largest babies ever born in Australia. Brian tipped the scales at a tremendous 6 kgs — or 13.11 lbs — meaning he was born at twice the size of an average baby. Woah.

Born at Mercy Hospital, in Melbourne, Australia on January 24, doctors knew that mom, Natasha was going to have a large baby, but I bet they didn’t expect this! Read on to hear more about Baby Brian… you have got to hear what his last name is.

Here is baby Brian next to an average-sized baby.


Woah. What makes this birth story even better is that Brian’s mom gave birth to him naturally with only a little bit of gas to help ease the pain. 

Baby Brian measures an astounding 22 inches long and is the heaviest baby ever born at Mercy Hospital.



His last name? Liddle!


Ok, seriously.

That couldn’t have played out any better. 

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