Issa Trap Trap Trap

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Ricky Rozay links up with Wale and Young Thug for the new single “Trap Trap Trap.”

On “Trap Trap Trap,” Ross spits about all the money he’s made from slinging dope. Taking the “roof off at the red light,” the rapper stunts heavy. As he should.

Young Thug came correct with his verse although… he had me laughing when he claimed to have more money than Tom Cruise. LOL, really nicca?

Anyways, moving on… Wale goes into battle mode as he flips out on the 3rd verse. I see a lotta peeps bumping this track in the whip. The hook is infectious.

Quotable Lyrics

I took my roof off at the red light
Trap, trap, trap, tarp, trap, trap
Trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap
Brown bag legend ’cause it’s all cash
Brown bag legend when is all cash

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