Whose Corner You On?

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Raekwon is still a fire-breathing dragon on the mic…. he reaffirms that fact with his new single “My Corner” feat. Lil Wayne.

“Wayne is a charismatic individual and his flows are dumb delightful” Raekwon told Rolling Stone. “I studied him way back and appreciated the opportunity to trade bars with him. I always heard his voice on this and I was very pleased hearing him tap dance on a different style of production.

‘My Corner’ is a flashback to them good ole terrible blocks and we take you back to all black outfits. This record must be played at high volume.

This track is flames🔥 Two GOATS in one track. The Chef and Weezy F Baby… what more can you ask for.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m walking ’round the mansion on a cordless
Arguing with a bitch ’bout how I cannot be her boyfriend
And then I told her, “Hold on, let me click over”
It was my homie T, “Bout to bring them bricks over”

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