Was Korede Bello’s Album Worth The Wait?

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Korede Bello finally drops his debut album – “Belloved” under the Mavin Records umbrella.

The album boasts of production credits from the likes of Don Jazzy, Baby Fresh, Altims and Cobhams.

For the past 2-3 years, Korede Bellow has been dropping singles that have gripped the hearts of music lovers (although a few have been duds).

Suffice to say.. a lot of people have been anxious about Korede’s album. Now that’s it out… let see if it truly delivers.

The album kicks off with the song “Korede” a song that kinda feels like an intro type track. A song welcoming everyone to Korede Bello’s world. The beat is okay… not mind blowing though. This song pretty much relies on the strength of Korede’s vocals.

The next song on cue is “Oh Baybe (Hermosa)”. Now this right here is my jam. Right beat, dope trumpet/Horn delivery. Korede comes correct with his verses. I like how he handles the hook. This is one song off the album that’s club worthy.

Download and Listen


3rd track is “Repete“. This Baby Fresh produced song is a blend of R&B/Afro-Pop. So far so good Korede sounds all grown (musically) on this track. Dude was putting the moves on this beat. Really smooth stuff. One of those songs you would enjoy on a cool evening.

Download and Listen


Butterfly“: Not too sure… a lot of people might love this one… but I sure do. It has that new school high life vibe to it. Its one of those songs that just makes me wanna swing my head from side to side. I ain’t gonna lie… I hit the replay button on this one a lot. I love the hook and the melody blend between Korede’s voice and the beat.

Download and Listen


Let Him Go”: Is Korede’s dancehall song that is packed with a worthy message. Korede addresses the issue of ladies being in abusive relationships. His choice of words are witty and potent. This right here is another club/party deserving track. Korede did good on this one. I fuxx with it.

Download and Listen


My People”: Um… I don’t particularly like the way the song starts… but once the beat drops… it becomes pretty neat. Its one of those Afro-Pop songs that has Korede Bello going into full Owambe mode. A lotta people should love this.

Download and Listen


If You Smile“: *sigh* At this point Korede is starting to sound monotonous. Same Afro-Pop/owambe sound. The sounds good… but nothing ground breaking. It has that “you heard one, you heard them all” feel.

Moving on… the follow up track is “Young Presido“. This song is a tad messy. I don’t know what Korede & co were aiming for… but they definitely lost me on this one. Too many conflicting sounds. Aargh. NEXT!!!!

Favourite song”: Korede comes into his element on this Cobhams produced track. The slow-tempo song will have the mushy hearted swaying from side to side. The hook is really something. I like how the beat pauses and restarts when Korede delivers the hook. Korede Bello did well on this one.

Download and Listen


GoodTimes“: This is another song that makes me *yawn*. Nope, kole werk for me. I won’t touch this song with a 10 inch pole. Bye!

“Ese Baba”: I’m guessing like most artists… this is Korede Bello’s version of thanking baba God for his blessings. Not a bad thing though…but problem is the song is just there. It doesn’t pack a punch. So even though, it praises baba God… it sounds kinda lazy. So imma pass.


Bottom line…. imma score Korede Bello’s album 3/5



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