Don’t Say Nothin…. Just Listen.

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Dr. Maleek drops his “not so” new tune titled “Don’t Say Nothin”, featuring Tory Lanez and The Game.

“Don’t Say Nothin” has a strange history. It originally released in 2015, but all three parties involved in the track decided it wasn’t up to their standards and pulled it down.

Now, we have a reworked and refined version of “Don’t Say Nothin” for your listening pleasure.

The song is a poppy, Caribbean-tinged track (mostly due to the drums). Tory Lanez’ smooth vocals are in full effect in the first part of the song, and The Game delivers a soft-spoken verse rife with lurid descriptions of his antics with women in the back of a limo.
Quotable Lyrics

You always was and you still wit it
tried to hit me with the curve and I still hit it
been sippin’ all week but we still sippin’
her man trippin’, I know how to deal with it

– Dr. Maleek!

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