Uh Oh! Lil Wayne & Chris Brown May Be Targets In Federal Drug Case

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Last year, rap “producer” Cuban Harry [Harrison Garcia] was busted for masterminding a string of Miami area pharmacy burglaries in which he procured the ingredients to cook up lean

Garcia has ties to Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

In his trial, which started this week, Garcia’s lawyers have been suggesting that Wayne and Brown were the real targets of the federal investigation of their client.

The Miami Herald reports:

Garcia’s lawyers, Gustavo Lage and Percy Martinez, have suggested that Garcia was not a drug dealer but was only showboating to build a social-media following, using the guns “as props” while dealing with an addiction to the drink made from promethazine with codeine.

They’ve also suggested that agents were using Garcia to notch a “feather in the cap” by going after bigger names — specifically Brown and Lil Wayne.

To bolster their case, Garcia’s lawyers produced text messages between their client and Weezy and Breezy.

In one message to an underling, Garcia appears to direct him to delivery pot to Wayne and his crew. “I’ll shoot u some trees (pot),” Garcia responded. “It’s for Wayne.”

Garcia also texted a woman a screenshot of a $15,000 bank deposit from Chris Brown with the caption “Look who put money my account.”

When the woman asked what the cash was for, he responded with smiley faces and the message, “Drugs … lean and shit.”

Garcia also featured multiple photos with Brown on his IG page.

No word from Brown or Wayne on the case.

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