Welcome To Sojay’s Room.

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One of my favourite R&B artiste out of the shores of Naija… Mr. Sojay drops a quick 6 tracker he calls “Sojay’s Room”.

Yo! You gotta believe me when I say, this here album is the truth. If you need that song to get the mood right… to set your or her mind at ease… then you better put this on your playlist.

I fuxx with most of the songs on this here album except for track 2.. “All For You”. It’s not terrible… its just kinda dragged on a tad too long for me and I lost interest.

Moving on… I love what Sojay did on track 4.. “Shorty“. Dude took me back in time with his sampling of Donell Jones “Shorty”. I love the fact he still kept the hook.

I love the way Sojay hits ’em notes in his falsetto mode. Awesome stuff. On track 5… “Space“, dude held it down. His confident vocals, plus the way he switched up his flow from English to the Igbo dialect was straight murder!

Y’all know I had to save the best for last? I’m talking about track 6… “Let Me“, this here song speaks to my music bones. Sojay breathed extra groove into the already rocking beat.

Download and Listen



2 All For You [prod. by Edgardo] DOWNLOAD
3 Wish You Well [prod. by Psykes] DOWNLOAD


5 Space [prod. by Kid Mau] DOWNLOAD 


One thought on “Welcome To Sojay’s Room.

    spane5 said:
    April 30, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    I watched Sojay perform last night at the April edition of The Sound Live as hosted by Eclipse, I was totally blow away!


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