Predicting Every Major Death In Game Of Thrones Season 7

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Game of Thrones season 7 is nearly upon us. After over a year of waiting, the show’s penultimate season will arrive on July 19th and will likely bring with it more death and destruction than any that came before it.

With only 13 episodes of the show left, and one of the largest arrays of characters on TV right now, the show will likely begin getting rid of some of the deadwood in the seven episodes that will arrive this summer. It won’t only be the deadwood getting the chop though, as the show has shown us, year in, year out, that it is not afraid to do away with fan favourites and big name characters when it feels the time is right.

Season 7 looks set to be the most destructive season on the show yet, with pretty much everyone involved heading for a war of some sorts. So, who will make it to the show’s final season, and who will have their last hurrah this year? Read on to find out exactly who we think will be meeting their maker this season.

Theon Greyjoy

The thing about redemption in Game of Thrones is that it so often ends in one’s demise, and that will likely be the case for Theon in season 7. The artist formerly known as Reek is trying his hardest to get himself back on the right track following his lost years, and his upcoming war with his uncle is likely to end very badly for him. Expect him to die a noble death, but a death nonetheless.

Grey Worm

So Daenerys main man has finally managed to get in touch with his emotions, looks set to fall in love, and also happens to be heading towards the biggest battle of his life. This is only ending one way. Grey Worm has been a consistent character on the show, but once Daenerys has laid claim to Westeros, his character has little to no purpose, and let’s be honest, it’s Game of Thrones – he is not going to ride off into the sunset.

The Mountain

There are many ways The Mountain could meet his maker in Season 7 – for starters, he is on Arya’s kill list, which she has some serious catching up to do with after the bizarre events of last season, and while fans would be more than happy to see Arya bump him off, there is one other option that would be more satisfying.

I’m talking of course about a battle to end all battles with his brother, The Hound. Fans were desperate to see the two square off last season, and it would be a crying shame if they let the opportunity pass them by.

The worst option, though, would be the Sand Snakes or Ellaria taking revenge on him for killing The Red Viper back in Season 4 – which would be trolling of the highest order.


Littlefinger is one of Game of Thrones’ most enjoyable characters. His sleazy ways have almost become sort of charming over the years, as he manipulates nearly every situation to meet his needs.

He has been living on borrowed time for some seasons now, though, and it is only a matter of time before his bad deeds catch up with him.

Sansa seems like the most likely character to finish him off, especially after all the emotional torment he has put her under over the years.


Jorah is an affable guy, and it will be a shame to see him go, but the guy has an incurable disease and is madly in love with Daenerys – is there really any chance of him making it through this season?

Whether it’s the disease that kills him, or a brave act to say his non-reciprocating lover, Jorah is definitely not making it to season 8.

Rhaegal or Viserion

Don’t ask me to tell you the difference, because I can’t. Daenerys’ two other dragons have spent the majority of the show locked away from the world, while their big brother Drogon has been doing all the hard work, and were finally unleashed on the world at the climax of season 6.

Now, I know that they’re dragons and that they have been built up as being unstoppable, but the show will need to raise the stakes and pose a threat to Daenerys and company before the grand finale in season 8, and there would be no better way to do that than to strike down one of her dragons.

How are they going to do that? I haven’t quite figured that part out yet, but regardless, I still expect it to happen towards the end of the upcoming season.

Euron Greyjoy

Euron will definitely not make it out of season 7 alive. While the character will no doubt be an important part in the 7 episodes coming up, with a rumoured battle with Daenerys taking place at some point – it seems unlikely that he is going to be anything more than a thorn in her side – a villain to keep fans occupied in the early goings before the real antagonists take over.

With only thirteen episodes of the show to go, don’t expect Euron to stick around any longer than he is necessary.


One of last season’s most startling moments was when we finally got a chance to see her as she truly is, and, well, it wasn’t a very pretty sight. Turns out when she removes her necklace, she is actually pretty darn old, so old in fact, that she told Jon that she was ready to die.

She has just been exiled from the North and is heading towards the Riverlands, which also happens to be where a certain Arya Stark is lurking too. As I mentioned before, Arya’s list could play a big role this season, and if Melisandre ends up with the Brotherhood without Banners, then Arya could get to kill several birds with one stone here.

Beric and Thoros

Like Melisandre, these pair are still both on Arya’s list, and with the now faceless assassin seemingly heading their way, their days on the show are likely numbered.

Cersei Lannister

If I had to pick one death I’m certain of in season 7, it would be this one. Not only is Cersei now on the Iron Throne, which automatically puts a massive bounty on her head, but she is also one of the most universally disliked characters in the show.

Cersei’s actions at the end of last season showed us that she has finally gone full-blown mad queen on us, and her tyrannical behaviour will likely make her the big antagonist of the season. Who will be the one to finally kill her? The smart money here is on her brother-turned-lover Jaime Lannister.

Jaime Lannister

Speaking of Jaime Lannister…. This one doesn’t feel quite as certain as all of the others, and killing off both Cersei and Jamie in one season would be a big move – effectively wiping the Lannisters off the show altogether.

Jamie’s arc with Cersei will almost definitely end with him being forced to kill her and logically, their stories should come to a conclusion together. So what happens to him? Perhaps he can’t live with killing his sister and does himself in, or perhaps Brienne is sadly forced to put him out of his misery. Either way, this one could be a real tear-jerker.


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