Snoop Dogg Confesses To Bootlegging JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album

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Snoop Dogg gave JAY-Z’s new 4:44 album a stellar review.

But he didn’t actually purchase it.

Instead, Snoop listened to a bootlegged copy since he has iTunes and doesn’t fully understand Tidal, JAY’s streaming service. In the first few days of the album’s release, you could only listen to it on Tidal/Sprint and nowhere else.

“I want to shoot a shout out to JAY-Z, [who] just dropped another muthafuckin’ hot album 4:44,” said Snoop. “But you know what? I don’t got Tidal, so a nigga had to bootleg it to me. I’m on iTunes and shit, cuz. I don’t understand that. Ya’ll gotta explain that to me. I went to iTunes looking for his album, and I couldn’t find it. But my homie sent it to me.”

Snoop then continued to give props to the Jigga man for his new LP.

“He did it again,” said the Dogg Father. “See, I ain’t no hater. I love the game for what it’s worth, the young niggas and the old niggas.”

After his YouTube post, it’s possible the Cali spitter found out that the new album could have been downloaded legally for free at [Although it looks like Tidal may have taken down the free link which was available yesterday.]

You can peep Snoop’s message below and after sitting with 4:44 for an entire weekend, what are your thoughts on it now?

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