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Hot Damn! Everybody is Searching For Drake’s Alleged Baby Mama on Pornhub

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Sophie Brussaux, who Pusha T claims to be the mother of Drake’s child, is described as a “porn star”. Read the rest of this entry »

What A Betrayed!!! Kevin Hart’s Alleged Sex Tape Extortionist WAS CLOSE FRIEND

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The man who allegedly tried to coerce Kevin Hart into paying him for a sex video has been charged with extortion. Read the rest of this entry »

Missing In Action Artiste – Cynthia Morgan Dragged To Court Over Unpaid Rent And Tax Evasion

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Controversial reggae act, Cynthia Morgan who has been off the scene lately is reportedly broke and facing financial difficulties at the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

Instagram Model Sued For Sexually Molesting A Dog.

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Hef was sexually assaulted during a photo shoot with a hot bikini model,… and i should say … Hef is a dog. Read the rest of this entry »

Man describes how he kept his illiteracy a secret and managed to con his way into a 17 year teaching career .

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A California man has described how he managed to keep his illiteracy a secret from the world for decades – even when he worked as a teacher for 17 years.  Read the rest of this entry »

Gucci Mane Cops A New Ferrari Before Most Rich Folks!!!

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Gucci Mane ain’t close to your regular luxury sports car shopper, not even for one of the newest Ferrari models out — he jumps right to the front of a long line just like … this.

Sources say Gucci recently purchased a brand new 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast — which debuted last year … and has a strict 3-year wait list for average Joe rich folks. Gucci isn’t your run-of-the-mill baller though — he got his delivered within 24 hours of ordering it.

The proud new owner posted a photo of himself with his Ferrari, which got dropped off Sunday morning.

Word has it that Gucci dropped a whopping $600,000 for the whip, courtesy of Obi Okeke, AKA Doctor Bugatti. Okeke dabbles in high-end rides like this — just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Floyd Mayweather … they know what we’re talking about.

Gucci’s Ferrari is definitely built for speed — 800 HP, V-12 engine, goes from 0 to 60 mph in about 3 seconds … and tops out at about 211 mph. That’s what i call “Need for speed”.