I hunger for more!

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Hungry Promo Photo

If you are a true Rap Head, then i’m sure there are sometimes you just want to listen to a song that has crazy ciphers alongside some furious beats (the kinda beats that make you want to freestyle). Well, i was in such a mood today. And i needed to Read the rest of this entry »


Same ol’ gist….

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US Based Nigerian Rapper Iceberg Slim releases new single Too Much Money where he features E.M.E boss Banky W. The track has Read the rest of this entry »

Can P-Square’s protégé make you dance?

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It’s friday again. Allow me to add some spice to your night.  The act  P-Square have their own record label now called Square Records (in case you didn’t know). For now, they have just one artiste under their umbrella in the person of May D. He was a predominant sound on the twins last ablum. Anyways, May D has a new single out, called “Ile Ijo”. Read the rest of this entry »

Unite on the dance floor!

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For a minute, i was beginning to wonder where the Yoruba rapper Olamide was? But as faith would have it Olamide has been on the grind, cooking up a storm. I was trying to get some sleep when Read the rest of this entry »

Rappers turn Rock stars!

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As the day comes to an end, i suddenly have this crazy itch to listen to a little rockish type song with a little twist of rap on it. So i turn on my trusty old pal (my laptop) and search for a song. And oh yes…. i finally find it!

Imagine Read the rest of this entry »

The Beat-Maker!!!!

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Seriously though, Wizkid has to be one of the hardest working artiste out there. The dude is constantly on the grind. Wizkid is featured on this hit banger titled “Bad Man”. The act responisble for this track is SARZ.

He is the dude responsible Read the rest of this entry »

South-South’s finest.

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Yung Hanz Yung Hanz   Not Just Ok + One Chance + Love Me Now

 First time i heard Yung Hanz , was roughly two years ago on a track he called  “Display”, I remember my cousin going crazy ’cause of the song.  Oh by the way Read the rest of this entry »