Hell spits out fury for a second time.

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If you are on twitter, then you would have noticed a trending topic about the movie Ghost Rider part 2. Nicholas Cage first took on the role of Ghost Rider,  Marvel Comics character based on stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who gave up his soul to become a hellblazing vigilante, to fight against power hungry Blackheart, the son of the devil himself in 2007 and while that movie went on to score some bucks in the Box Office, it got panned by critics (as in seriously, the movie was LAME).

Now Cage is back as Ghost Rider in the sequel; Read the rest of this entry »


Can he win back that spot in your heart?

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On the real, it’s  amazing how time flies. I remember there was a time, the dance hall artiste known as Sean Paul was the toast of everyone. No club/party  was complete till a Sean Paul track was played. Well, such is life i guess. The artiste Read the rest of this entry »

He really doesn’t know?

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In response to being called ‘father of  the United Nations (based on the different baby mamas), Tu face decides to clear the air.

“I didn’t get this Read the rest of this entry »

Early gift for the lovers.

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Dami Duro‘ Crooner  Davido , just released a new joint  a few hours ago. The title of the track is ‘Ekuro‘. I have to say compared Read the rest of this entry »

Does this vampire have fangs?

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A few weeks back i talked about some movies to watch out for this first quater of the year. Well, i just saw one of the movies and i thought it would be only fair to share it with you. The movie in question, is non other than Underworld: The Awakening. As a vampire movie buff, this is one movie i have followed from the very start. I am sure you are well aware of  how movies that have turned into franchise ‘candy’ barely live up to the longevity, they claim to hold or have. The big question now, does Underworld: The Awakening  suck or does it live up to expectation. Let’s find out Read the rest of this entry »

I bet you never expected this?

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Your favourite plantain boy aka Timaya is back on the streets with two new singles to keep your ears glued to your speakers. Timaya has spurned two songs; ‘Club is on fire’ and ‘Shake your bum’ respectively. Bascially, something i noticed Read the rest of this entry »

Cameo Appearances.

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Mike Dean, Manny Fresh, Hit Boy SC, Dbanj & Pusha-T( the picture above)

Where has Dbanj been over the past few weeks?

Well he’s been working on Read the rest of this entry »