Another slang dropping artiste.

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Hakym LAMBA ARTWORK 681x1024 Hakym   Lamba

I’m sure we all remember the artiste called ‘Hakym‘ aka ‘Hakym the dream‘ (thank God he got rid of the other part of his name ‘the dream‘). His last single “Scoobi Doo Remix” (ft ElDee) has been getting airplay both on the radio and on tv.

Anyways, he has a new single out called Read the rest of this entry »


Is this a good comeback song?

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Ra Single01 Ra   E Saa Ti Mo

A friend of mine suggested i listen to  this song. I Have not heard about the rapper until today, but was told he is not a new comer to music making business. His debut track was released in 2008 after which he went M.I.A.

The rapper’s name is ‘Ra’ and Read the rest of this entry »

Nigerians and our gist….

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Akon did NOT sign WizKid, 2face Idibia Or P-Square To Konvict, But....

I am are sure you all have read (especially on twitter) everywhere that our  Nigerian superstars WizKid2face Idibia and P-Square got signed by Akon to Konvict music.  Anyways when i heard the gist, i was thrilled for them (the artists in question). But i had to do more research before i posted anything about it, and i am so glad i did. Well i am sorry to burst your bubble Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s the Queen Diva?

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With the way Nigeria doles out movies every week (or is it everyday), one can’t help but wonder ‘is this business really lucrative?’  Especially the way the female gender flock to the world of acting. Well…. after careful research, i can boldly say these Ladies make a  TON of cash.
So without further ado, I am hereby delighted to present to you Read the rest of this entry »

Voice like butter!

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 waje4ppb 682x1024 WAJE   Na The Way ft J. Martins
From the first time i heard her (Waje) voice… i became a fan (her voice). Who can forget her powerful voice on P-square‘s “Do me” track. Since then she has been a Multiple Read the rest of this entry »

Verses that inspire.

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Have you ever wondered what a track would sound like with T.I, B.O.B and COLDPLAY on it. Well… you don’t have to scratch your pretty little head (or big head) no more. The Artiste B.O.B has a track with this team Read the rest of this entry »

Ikechukwu the action figure.

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Ikechukwu Alliance Okhello WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Ikechukwu   Still Standing + Rewinding Em

WFA boss Ikechukwu is back with a lovely single that will get you moving and keep your mouth busy. It will fully engage you especially Read the rest of this entry »