BlackBerry announces plans to pull the plug on its own operating system to concentrate on Android devices

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After having been predicted for some time, the death of the BlackBerry 10 has now arrived. Read the rest of this entry »

Whatsapp Will Discontinue Support For All Blackberry Devices By The End Of 2016

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WhatsApp, the popular cross-platform messaging service, has decided to cut support for a number of those platforms. Read the rest of this entry »

Blackberry Juice

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For all blackberry users and non-blackberry users i am sure we are all aware of the “blackout” RIM experienced. And in other to repay their loyal customers they have decided to give out application freebies. The offer will last till the end of December 2011. I have checked out most of the apps they are giving out…. some are just plain rubbish, while some are “A” spec.

Here are the best that you should consider Read the rest of this entry »