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Saudi Arabian Celeb arrested for dabbing at Music Concert

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A TV personality in Saudi Arabia has been detained by the authorities for “dabbing” during a concert, as reported by Okaz News. Read the rest of this entry »

Saudi Arabia to behead 23-year-old deaf, blind man who took part in a protest!

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Saudi Arabia is to behead a deaf and visually impaired man to death for taking part in a protest, it has emerged. Read the rest of this entry »

Footballer is forced to have a HAIRCUT moments before kick-off after match officials insisted on removing his ‘un-Islamic’ mohawk

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A FOOTBALLER in Saudi Arabia was forced to have a humiliating haircut before a game due to the country's crackdown on "un-Islamic hairstyles" in the sport. Footage obtained by Agence France Presse shows Waleed Abdullah, a goalkeeper for Al Shabaab and Saudi Arabia, having a small mohawk chopped off by the referee before being allowed onto the pitch.

This is the moment a footballer in Saudi Arabia was ordered to have a haircut moments before kick off – as part of the kingdom’s crackdown on players with ‘anti-Islamic’ hairstyles. Read the rest of this entry »

Mother rescues her 3-year-old boy from housemaid who was trying to BEHEAD him 5 days after she starting work for the family in Saudi Arabia 

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A mother was forced to rescue her three-year-old son from a housemaid who had tried to behead the boy just five days after she started working for the family in Saudi Arabia. Read the rest of this entry »

Housemaid has her hand cut off by female Saudi Arabian employer after she tried to escape.

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An Indian housemaid had her hand hacked off allegedly by her female employer in Saudi Arabia and has complained she has been tortured whilst working in Riyadh. Read the rest of this entry »

Man arrested after being caught trying to smuggle 12 bottles of booze in hidden pockets into Saudi Arabia

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Pic shows: How the man looked with his clothes untouched. A Saudi man is facing jail after he tried to smuggle 12 bottles of alcohol under his white robes hoping the customs officers would not notice. However because the man appeared to be walking strangely when he was stopped as he travelled along the 20 mile causeway linking Bahrain with the Gulf kingdom, customs officers decided to search him. And after patting his dishdasha, which is the long white robe traditionally worn by men in the Middle East, they realised he was hiding bottles and forced him to lift it up. Insider found that the man modified his trousers and underwear to add pockets so that he could secretly carry the alcohol underneath the road. Alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia as it is forbidden for Muslims to drink, and as a result there are tough penalties for anyone caught trying to break the law. Customs chief Daifallah Al Otaibi said examples of men attempting to smuggle alcohol were rare, and even when caught it rarely involved such large amounts. (ends)

This smuggler was caught trying to sneak 12 bottles of alcohol hidden in his trousers into teetotal Saudi Arabia. Read the rest of this entry »